Thai Massage Palm Springs

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Thai Massage Palm Springs, Watch the video below to see how effective massages can really be:

Thai Massage Palm Springs, located downtown

Frequently Asked Questions for Thai Massage

What is a Table Thai massage?

Table Thai is both relaxing and energizing. Some people say it is a meditative experience. It improves flexibility in the joints, enhances sports performance, elevates body awareness, lengthens and tones musculature, reduces stress in the joints and in the mind and improves circulation throughout the body.

Thai Massage Palm Springs

Palm Springs Thai Massage at the Massage Studio in downtown Palm Springs

Palm Springs Massage Thai massage

Thai massage in downtown Palm Springs

What to expect from a Thai massage in Palm Springs?

You will start face up as your Therapist begins at the feet with some light stretching and reflexology. Moving up the legs, your Therapist will use passive joint movement (moving and mobilizing the joints) and into some deeper stretches for the legs and hips. Moving up to the arms and shoulders the same care is given for any injury or tightness. Moving to the neck and down the other half of the body. Once turned over, your Therapist will work the back with soothing massage techniques and address any issues you may have. To finish, your Therapist will address the back of the hips and down the legs, ending finally at the feet for a little more foot work.

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More information on Thai massage

The Massage Studio
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United States
Phone: (760) 898-9525

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