Balinese Massage Palm Springs

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Balinese Massage Palm Springs, Watch the video below to see how effective it can really be:

Balinese Massage Palm Springs downtown Palm Springs

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Balinese massage. . . treats

  • Stress
  • ​Muscle pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety and depression
Balinese Massage Palm Springs

Balinese massage Palm Springs

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  • Had a great massage. I have already booked again. George on 06/30/2016
Palm Springs Massage - Balinese

Palm Springs Balinese massage

What to expect in a Balinese massage in Palm Springs?

Starting at the feet, your Balinese therapist will ground your energy and asses your body through gentle rocking and compression. After this assessment, your therapist will begin by applying several layers of acupressure techniques to clear the sen lines (energy lines) of the body. These techniques include finger pressure, skin rolling, compressions and percussion to move fluids and stimulate the energy lines.

Next is the application of essential oil for the aromatherapy treatment. For our Balinese massage we use lemongrass essential oil, but you may select your favorite out of our four blends.

More on What to expect in a Balinese massage?

During this part of your massage your therapist will address any muscular tension within your body. This is your time to ease out stress and tension wherever you feel it. Stretching, jostling, and compression finishes each area worked on to close the energy lines and create a sense of bliss.

At the end of your treatment your Balinese therapist will finish with an Ayurvedic style scalp massage to tease out any lingering tension. Finishing with the word and sentiment 'namaste' , your therapist will exit the room and you will take a moment to breath in the last remnants of essential oil.

Upon getting up you should feel revitalized, lighter, and have a sense of bliss and interconnectedness.

Om Swastiastu

Therapeutic Massage Palm Springs

Balinese Massage Palm Springs

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